Paul Hopwood

Wednesday, December 5 2012 at 7:30PM

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67 Etruria Old Road,
ST1 5PE.

Paul Hopwood

What's the talk about?

TOPIC: The Scientific Method is one of the cornerstones of philosophical enquiry, which endeavours to help try and answer the question, “What is going on?” by producing the highest quality evidence possible. Many areas of scientific research endeavour to do this by taking the individual out of the equation, thus bypassing the limitations and distortions of our perceptions of existence, but just what is the extent of the limitations of the human brain?

There are many ways to try and answer this question; and in this talk Paul Hopwood gives his take on the matter by looking at research he examined during his Cognitive Psychology studies. By presenting some (hopefully!) enlightening and humorous examples, he aims to provide the audience with sufficient evidence to find out where the limits lie; and, hopefully, the ability to be able to push those limits back!
SPEAKER: Paul Hopwood is a relatively new and highly enthusiastic Skeptics speaker; and a keen amateur chess player. He gained his Psychology Degree from Leeds and his Master of Research Degree in Psychology at York; for which he studied the long- and short-term memories of his fellow chess players. He is extremely keen to be an ambassador for improving the public understanding of science; and to take an active part in the Skeptical community.
He is also (to his knowledge) the only public speaker to have been able to answer audience questions whilst successfully solving a Rubik’s Cube.
£3 per head on the night gets you a ticket in our drinks raffle (two lucky attendees will get a FREE pint on the night).