Tannice Pendegrass

Wednesday, July 3 2013 at 7:30PM

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67 Etruria Old Road,
ST1 5PE.

Tannice Pendegrass

What's the talk about?

TALK: Tannice firstly aims to take you through different definitions of autism, cultural representations and the results of her survey, asking over 700 people about their perceptions of what causes and ‘cures’ autism (spoiler: we don’t know and, currently, nothing).
The second part of the talk focuses on ‘the bad’ and ‘the ugly’. Tannice will briefly cover the MMR scandal, but this is not the main focus of her ‘bad’ or ‘ugly’ section: the subject that Tannice reserves the most ire for is the toxic and sometimes downright dangerous ‘treatments’ many children must endure. Asking the question ‘what’s the harm?’ has never been more important.
The third part of the talk is for ‘the good’, focusing on ABA or Applied Behavioural Analysis; the gold standard for aiding those on the spectrum. From Kim Peek (the inspiration for rain man) to Jenny McCarthy (an anti-vaccination campaigner), this talk will give you a broad overview of Autism, Autism interventions and why cultural representations of Autism are usually wrong. You’ll also find out why a horse died when he was being treated in a chamber normally reserved for divers suffering from the bends.
Find out more on her website: www.tannice.co.uk
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NOTE: Owing to work commitments, the speaker will be conducting this talk over Skype. 
SPEAKER: Tannice is a writer, editor and proofreader who moonlights as a public speaker on the subject of Autism. She also hosts Guildford Skeptics in the Pub, a monthly event promoting critical thinking, science and reasoned debate in Surrey.
Having worked in fields as diverse as teaching, marketing, mental health, online games and finance, she has an excellent working knowledge of a broad spectrum of industries. An avid reader and writer, Tannice also enjoys proofreading and editing fiction and is especially interested in psychology, philosophy and science.
PRICE: £3 per head includes drinks raffle ticket. Two lucky attendees will get a FREE pint on the night.