Ash Pryce

Wednesday, July 4 2018 at 7:00PM

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67 Etruria Old Road,
ST1 5PE.

Ash Pryce

What's the talk about?

 Roll up! Roll up! Roll up! Gather ye round the traveling caravan, as Snake Oil Salesman Ash Pryce demonstrates the miraculous curative abilities of psychic surgery, taught to your humble trickster by a wise man in the Philippines (or a magicians tool book, whichever sounds more wondrous). Watch with amazement the telekinetic forces at work as you learn how to move objects with your mind, psychically manipulate your finest silverware and read the minds of your peers. Or maybe, it’s all just a trick? 

 The show will involve demonstrations and explanations of telekinesis tricks, metal bending, psychic surgery and remote viewing as well as look at government funded research into psychic phenomena, and the shoddy protocols that allowed “psychics” to beat the legendary Zener card experiments in the 1930s.  

 And if that wasn’t enough, interspersed throughout the show will be numerous on stage demonstrations of mentalism to add an extra layer of entertainment to the proceedings.  

 Stagetime Promotions Magician of the Year 2017, and Edinburgh Horror Festival Sell out performer 2016 and 2017, Ash Pryce brings his crowd pleasing mix of paranormal illusions, comedy and entertainment to the UK as part of a summer tour of 2018.  Described as “a naturally funny guy [who] won’t allow his audience to be bored” ( and “A great showman” (NottinghamLive), Ash presents a mix of entertainment, scepticism and magical treats. 

 Find Ash on most social media as “Psychic Conman” and check out his website at 

 Warning to those on the front row… there will be blood!


£4 - includes a ticket in our drinks raffle.