Guy Otten

Wednesday, May 7 2014 at 7:00PM

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67 Etruria Old Road,
ST1 5PE.

Guy Otten

What's the talk about?

Even Tony Blair (May the blessings of Allah be upon him) now argues that the prime emergency faced by the West is not the Russia/Ukraine confrontation or Syria, but Radical Islam (Independent 24th April). He argues that Europe and the USA are ‘curiously reluctant to acknowledge’ Islamic Extremism.

Following on his talk on the mythological origins of Islam last year, Guy now asks whether an ethical shortfall in Islam contributes to challenges faced by the world posed by Islamic Extremism and Terrorism.”

A trained humanist celebrant, Guy Otten also gives talks to humanist groups, the Intervarsity Club, Skeptics in the Pub and other groups. He has been happy to engage in dialogue with religious groups including Muslim students and the Manchester Bible Debate group.

Guy is the current Chair of Greater Manchester Humanists and a member of the Board of Trustees of the British Humanist Association.

£3 per head will get you a ticket in our drinks raffle,

two lucky attendees will win a FREE pint on the night.