Closing the Ark Door After the T-Rex has bolted?

Wednesday, April 4 2012 at 7:30PM

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67 Etruria Old Road,
ST1 5PE.

Mark Edon

What's the talk about?

Why should Skeptics be more interested in Creationism? This talk will give a brief synopsis of the current issues in the UK and what you can do about it. How to argue against creationism without using logic and evidence (sort of). Note, that's arguing "against" Creationists, which is not the same as "arguing with creationists". There will also be a segment on "Creationism or Fiction - can you spot the difference?" as well as a bit of actual science (if we have time).

Our speaker Mark Edon is a lifelong fan of science. He got involved in the UK anti-creationist scene after creationists interfered in his kid's school. Since then he has been inspired to study for a degree with the Open University in Life Sciences, which he has nearly finished.
Mark is also the Humanist representative on the Leeds City Council Standing Advisory Committee on Religious Education (SACRE) and the secretary for the BCSE (British Centre for Science Education).
£3 per head on the night, includes a ticket in our drinks raffle (Two lucky attendees will win a FREE pint on the night).